Thursday, March 01, 2007

Early Rising

Reading through the book, "Young Lady's Guide to the Harmonious Development of Christian Character" I came across a quote that I thought was neat, but also helpful, since I do not rise early. :) (The pictures used in this blog were taken by myself and permission is given if you wish to take and use them for your own personal use and not for selling them.)

"Early rising promotes cheerfulness, invigorates the system, and in many other ways contributes to health. It also assists devotion. There is a solemn stillness before the dawn of day, in a winter morning, peculiarly favorable to devotional feelings; and nothing is better calculated to fill the mind with grateful and adoring views of the beneficence of the Creator, than the refreshing sweetness of a summer morn. Whoever sleeps away this period, loses half the pleasures of existence. To sally forth and enjoy the calmness and serenity of such a season; to listen to the sweet warbling of the birds; to behold the sparkling dewdrops, and the gayety of the opening flowers, as all nature smiles at the approaching of the rising sun; to join the music of creation, in lifting up a song of softest, sweetest melody, in praise of their great Author, is no common luxury."
~ Harvey Newcomb "Young Lady's Guide" pg. 178-179


Leah said...

I love them! Thanks for sharing the pictures and the quote.


Katya said...

I really loved this post, Ana. The pictures are breathtakingly lovely in their clear, delicate-ness, and the quote was such a good one. It is such a true one too. A good reminder in our day of electric lights and oh-so-many activities that keep us up late into the night. We need to remember to take hold of the opportunity of early morning quietness to calm our souls before God. Thank you, Ana!

Katya said...

I think I would really like to frame these pictures and hang them in my house to remind myself of the "calmness and serenity of...sparkling dewdrops, and the gayety of opening flowers, as all nature smiles at the approaching of the rising praise of their great Author".