Monday, March 26, 2007

Wash my car nice!

It was so nice today! I loved it! In fact, it was so nice, I washed my car, and not only did I wash my car, I washed my car barefoot, wearing Capris and a sleeveless shirt! It was so nice! And Kida (my puppy) was sitting in the grass, under a tree, watching me, barking at random things every now and then. :)
(Below) Washing my car. See the suds?! :)

(Below) Who can do anything without music?! :)
And, yes, it's true, I'm still back in the "Stone age" I don't have a portable boom box, and my MP3 player decided it didn't want songs on it, so it deleted all the songs and I just hadn't gotten around to putting them back on there. :)

(Left) Just after drying. The true, non-dirty, color of my car. :) (Right) All washed, dried, and waxed! See how shiny it is? Fancy huh?

(Left) All vacuumed and wiped. And no pictures on the dash. (Right) All done. Windows washed, floors vacuumed, outside washed, dried and waxed.

(Below) Bare feet, it was so nice!

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Katya said...

Oooh, pretty! It is such a good feeling to have the car clean and sparkly. I probably should go vacuum out our car...spring does make for a lot of tracking-of-dirt.