Saturday, April 21, 2007

The rose garden!

It was so warm out today! So I put on a long, flowing skirt and headed outdoors to uncover my roses. And they are growing!!! Check it out!
(Top left corner) The whole garden. (Click on the picture for a closer view.) The little bits of green in the dirt are my rose bushes! Grow little plants, grow! The four in the very back row are tea roses (with the big blooms) the others in the front rows are mini rose bushes. When they bloom they are about as big as a quarter. Just little. (Bottom left) Mini rose bush that has the most growth on it. Most of the plants/bushes have just green on them, but this one has leaves! Wahoo! (Right) This mini rose also has leaves on it!

(Below) This tea rose is just green, no leaves ... yet. :)

(Left) My skirt and bare feet. :) (Right) While outside I was walking around the yard and came across a slab of cement poured in 1991 and my big brother and I pushed our hands into it when it was still wet. :) Just little hands. (My brother's hand is in the left in the picture and mine is on the right.) :)


Katya said...

I can't wait until your rose bushes are blooming...they're so lovely. I am always so excited to see the first growth of the plants in my garden. I spent some time outside working on the beds on the east side of my house this fun to get my hands in the dirt again!

charity said...

What fun! Rose gardens and long pretty skirts. It sounds like the beginning of a story or something.