Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Resurrection Sunday

For resurrection Sunday my family (including big bro C and his wifey Katya) went up to Katya's parent's farm. Some of our friends were able to join us at the farm as well. It was so enjoyable!!! Refreshing and restful and the fellowship was amazing!! After a HUGE meal we sat around and talked, soon the desserts were brought out. After desserts some of us enjoyed a walk around the farm to see the new baby calves that were born that morning. (I think when we left for the day they were up to 12 new calves!) After the walk we returned to the house and a short while later we gathered around the piano for some singing. After the singing we were graced by piano music and then some guitar music. (And of course, there was tea and more talking. :) ) Just plain ol' fun! Here are some pictures. Katya also took some fun pictures be sure to check it out!!

Pictures: (Top Left Corner) One of the new calves. It's so cute! (Top Right Corner) Way cool, old FORD truck front!!
(Lower Left) Tea time!! (Lower Right) Tea cup and little teabag holder.
(Bottom Picture) Bouquet of roses that smelled as wonderful as they look!

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Katya said...

It was such a wonderful time!

(The pink in the picture of the roses really showed up well here!)

Talk to you again soon!