Saturday, April 28, 2007

Firday evening boat ride.

Last evening, as the sun was setting, big bro C, little bro E, Katya, Leah and I got into C's boat and we drove around the lake for the first time this year. :) It was the best!!! I LOVE riding in the boat, jumping over the waves and just sitting on the lake, it's all fun. Here are some pictures of the waves we made and the sun as it was setting! The pictures are in the order we took them, so you can see the sun set. :) Very cool! Katya, Leah and I passed the camera around as we went so I'm not really sure who took what pictures. :) ( Click on the pictures to get the full view of the pictures!! They are so cool!!!)


Katya said...

We had such a fun time together on Friday evening! I am so glad you guys were able to come. A boat ride is so much more fun when you get to share it! The sunset was so beautiful...reflecting as it did on the lake and shining behind the trees. I am so glad that you remembered your camera ;)! I hope we have lots of fun rides like this! ~ Kat

charity said...

What fun! Boating is such a fun activity. My Daddy would take us boating every summer. It was always such a highlight!