Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Snow and ice!

Sunday, since it snowed and snowed, we had to cancel church and in the afternoon my little bro, E, and I started to make a snow fort. We got it going pretty good, but then late afternoon, early evening, my old bro C (yes, I said old, not older :) ) and his wifey, Katya, came over and C used the snow blower to pile snow and not just plain old shovels. Easier on the back, :) I have to say! After that we all took turns digging the middle out! It was way fun. We got five people in there and there was still room! Huge! And the other picture, the ice, is of some branches that my little bro, E, found and showed us! Aren't they cool?! Enjoy the snow! We did! And I am!!! (For safety I chose to cover the faces of those in the pictures, as you may have noticed.)

(above: Me and lil bro E! I think E is about to get me with a snow ball! Run!)

<--- Snow blowing the snow rather then shoveling! Go old bro C!!! (This gives a whole new meaning to "put a smile on your face." :) )

<--- Even though we blew the snow into a pile, when we dug out the middle the snow still needed to be moved!

<--- It's a big snow pile!!

<--- Our, "All done everyone in the snow fort" picture! We were tired, but at least we all had smiles on our faces! As you can see, we all look alike, it shows we're all related! *giggle*

<--- The ice E found! Cool or what?!

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Katya said...

Thanks for the fun pictures, Ana! It was such a blast to work on the snow fort with you guys...I can't wait to do it again. I really like the ice-covered branch that E found...so lovely. Talk to you tomorrow, Katie