Friday, February 02, 2007

My puppy!!

I thought I'd show you all what my puppy looks like, since this is the "Things that make me happy" category! Isn't she cute!!! Her name is Keda. But she answers to many of my nicknames for her such as: Maya, Mia, Maria, Mariah. The poor little lady doesn't know who she is. :) But she's sweet anyway!!!! The little purple coat is so that she doesn't get cold in the winter!! :) It makes her even more cute!

<--- Who can say no to this little face?!

<--- She's so little in the big chair!!!

<--- Ahhhh, cute little face!!!!! *kiss*

<--- She likes to sit with her head on her paws!!! *more kisses*!!!!

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Katya said...

She is the cutest little puppy! Of course you couldn't say 'no' to that face! ;) She has grown up into such a cute little lady with lots of personality. (Her little ears and face look so soft and silky in these pictures...just like she really is!)