Sunday, June 10, 2007

For my D!!!!

Last Thursday my friend D (a nickname I gave her) graduated and had her piano recital and reception. It was so wonderful!!! :) Her music was very lovely. :) Here are some snippets from that day. Congrats D!!! I love ya!!! :)

(Left, below and right) D's jewelry.

(Below) D's outfit. So cute! (Right) Her hair clip.

(Left) Tassel.

(Right) Roses that were given to her! So pretty.

(Below) Roses from my garden I gave her.
(Below) More roses I gave her from my garden.(Below) Fabric from D's dress. Pretty little flowers!

(Left) Strawberries that someone gave D because she loves strawberries. :) (Right) Flowers someone gave her.

(Below) Pretty D. :)

(Left) Cup tower and punch. (Right) The corner of her yummy cake!

(Left) Balloons. (Right) D's cute shoes, look at the little, tiny bows. :)

(Below) Cake and punch.
(Below) The tie on D's dress. I thought it was pretty.
(Below) Decorations on a table.(Below) Bag that held the gift that D gave me.
(Below) Necklace D gave me. I love it so much!! It's so pretty!!! Thank you D!!


Katya said...

Such lovely pictures from K's graduation! I love seeing little lovely pieces from her party. I am so glad that you were able to go!

Charity Dawn said...

Congratulations D! Graduation is an exciting achievement.