Saturday, June 02, 2007

Girl afternoon

Thursday afternoon Leah and I went over to Katya's house to spend the afternoon with her! It was such a wonderful time!!! We sat outside and worked on homemaking notebooks, talked, drank iced tea and in the latter afternoon watched three sweet little girls (C, S and L). :) We even stayed for supper and a late night movie. :) Thanks Katya for a GREAT afternoon!

(Bottom) Colors in the quilt Katya made that we sat on. (Right) Little chest thing that Katya keeps her rubber stamps in. It's so cool!!

(Left) Katya's hat. (Right) Having fun with my letter stamps.

(Below) Our work area.

(Left) A little bee tag on L's outfit. :) Cute!!! (Right) L's hand. She was so tired. So we put her to sleep and laid her on the blanket so we could look at her. :)

(Below) L's foot. :)(Below) Me and L. I was talking to her, trying to calm her down so she would sleep.
(Below) L's older sisters, C and S, digging in the sand box. As I recall they were digging for buried treasure, which turned out to be an old golf ball. :)

(Left) S digging. (Right) C digging.

(Below) Root beer floats at 8:40 pm. Sorry it's a little dark Katya's man (my bro) likes watching movies in the DARK. :)(Below) The movie we were watching. Sorry it's fuzzy, my camera doesn't do movie screens so well.


Charity Dawn said...

What fun Ana! I'm glad you had a good time.

Katya said...

We had such a wonderful time together! I look forward to many more such summer days with you and Leah. It was a lovely day to sit on a quilt with sisters and notebook/read/babysit...and made all the more fun when you got to stay for supper and a movie. The root beer floats were so yummy! Thanks for bringing them from your house. Love you sis, Katie