Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More boating

On Saturday (the 23rd) C and Katya asked Leah, E, and me if we wanted to go boating again. And of course we did. :) It was really fun, but then it is always fun! Here are some fun pictures we took.
Rope for the tube on the dock. So pretty.
See the shiny blue-ish pearl color in the yellow paint? Fancy! (Click on the picture to see it better. You can't see it very good, but it's there. :) Look close.)
Tube rope.Shoreline through the ring.
And yet another rope picture. :) I like the rope. It's fun.
My feet.
Waves from the boat. I love how they sparkle and shine.A sail boat.Tubing!! Wahoo.My mess, out of the face, hair style. But it's not working so swell. Fancy huh? :)

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Charity Dawn said...

Oh fun! And the hair style looks particularly cute!!