Wednesday, June 13, 2007

~Blue Girl and J. F. Kennedy~

~Isn't she beautiful? My new rose of this year!! Miss Blue Girl. You may recall when I planted her and couldn't wait for her to bloom! Well, the Lord allowed her to bloom this year instead of waiting until next year and I'm so happy, she's so pretty!~~Mr. J. F. Kennedy. Also so pretty and pure looking. So nice to have pretty roses that bloom!~~J.F. Kennedy again~ ~And Kennedy yet again.~

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Katya said...

Your roses are really beautiful, Ana! I am glad that I was able to come over and see them yesterday. Thank you for all of the rose cuttings that you gave me. I had all of them planted where I wanted them and watered before church yesterday, so hopefully they are starting to get used to their new home. :) I will be a very happy rose-mommy if they root!