Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Last week V and V came over and I was able to watch them for a few hours. :) It was so much fun, they are such sweet, pleasant girls. Here are some pictures from the day. I hope and pray the Lord allows me the joy and pleasure of being a stay at home wife and mom someday. What a glorious occupation!
Big V and little V's shoes next to mine. They have just little tiny feet.Big V loved playing Barbies.Little V liked putting the coin in the register and watching it come out in the drawer. :)Big V's "Mommy and Baby" Barbies all dressed up.A pretty sparkle-y Barbie dress.Big V's mommy Barbie and little V's baby Barbie. As you can see they are standing on the rebounder, they loved to bounce on it while they were here.Little V liked to draw while here sister played with Babries.They both loved the swings they giggled and giggled when I pushed them. It was so fun to listen to them!We also had fun playing Bad-mitten, they couldn't it the birdie, but they didn't care. :) It was fun anyway.The slide and the "park" (a.k.a. a sandbox) in my backyard was also very entertaining.They really liked to play "music" on the piano, too. :) Big V kept telling me, "Listen, I learned this song once." She was so cute.

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