Wednesday, August 15, 2007

First time coffee grinding!

I've gotten into the habit of drinking a cup (that's right, just one) of coffee in the morning while I have my prayer time. Mom and Dad bought me actual coffee beans when they got groceries the last two times. I'd never had beans before so it was a new experience to grind them. Perhaps it is strange to you that I'm posting about coffee beans, but I had a really fun time with them and I just had to share it. So here is my new and fun experience with coffee beans. :)
Behold the beans.The flavor.Looking in the grinder.All ground up.The label, so I don't forget what kind it is when it's in the freezer.Hello yummy coffee grounds in the pretty clear container waiting to be used.My faithful one cup coffee maker. Well, actually it's my sisters but I use it. :) Thank you Leah!Water in the grounds making the coffee.Steam rising from the cup and coffee drops going into the cup. Waiting for the coffee to be done.Done brewing.The cup of coffee, complete with French Vanilla coffee creamer and sugar. It was so good!

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