Friday, August 17, 2007

Thought Provoking Quote

As Edward Payson, Elizabeth Prentiss' father, came to the end of his life, due to tuberculosis, he was "...confined to his bed. He called groups of young people to his bedroom, where he gave them fatherly advice and spiritual counsel. His calm acceptance of his illness and death were remarkable: "O what a blessed thing it is to lose one's will. Since I have lost my will I have found happiness. There can be no such thing as disappointment to me, for I have no desires but that God's will might be accomplished. Christians might avoid much trouble if they would only believe what they profess, viz. [example], that God is able to make them happy without anything but Himself. They imagine that if is such a dear friend were to die, or such and such a blessing removed, they should be miserable, whereas God can make them a thousand times happier without them. To mention my own case, God has been depriving me of one blessing after another, but as every one was removed He has come in and filled up its place, and now, when I am a cripple and unable to move, I am happier than ever I was in my life before or expected to be, and if I had believed this twenty years ago I might have been spared much anxiety."

~From:"Elizabeth Prentiss, 'More Love To Thee,' " by: Sharon James

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