Monday, August 27, 2007

Salsa part II

On day two of our salsa venture Katya came over to help since we were sending most of the salsa home with her for her and C. :) C loves salsa. This is a rather long post, but believe me the day was even longer. :) Way longer!
Green peppers Katya expertly cut up. She's good at cutting things.*Nods* :)Look, we found more tomatoes in the garden the next day to cut up. :)Hot peppers, garlic and onions Katya brought over to cut up. They were so pretty.
Aren't they pretty?Katya cutting up the onions.One of the bowls of onions.Groups of ingredients for salsa. One group for one batch.Even E got in on the whole salsa making day. He put together the spices for each batch.The spices.E putting salt in the spices.I was the one designated to cut up the garlic.Mommy cut up the fresh Cilantro.After E got the spices together mom put in Cilantro and I add the garlic to each bowl.One batch ready to be added to the tomatoes.Every thing put together in the pan cooking down before being put in jars.I love the way this looks!It's all so pretty!Almost all the salsa in pans cooking down.Salsa in the jars almost ready to be put in the water to hot water bath them so they seal.My beautiful bracelet of jar lid rings. :)Katya tasting her salsa. She's so pretty.Writing on the jars so we know which one is hot, which is medium and which is normal.Ready for the water bath.Katya is so beautiful and cute! :) Love ya Kat!Going in the water. Hold your breath little jars.In the water!The first batch is all done. Sealed and the rings taken off.Behold the jars of salsa.Another view of the salsa.All done with salsa for the year! Now we get to eat it. Yumm!!

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