Thursday, August 30, 2007

They're here!!!

The long awaited puppies are here. This morning our dog Kida gave birth to three beautiful little puppies. Two girls and a boy. The names we gave them right now are just our names. They will get new names I'm sure when they are given different homes. :) But we need names just for fun. They are so cute. Enjoy! Oh, P.S. the pictures are sometimes red because of the heating lamp. :)
This is Kida before she got pregnant.This is after she got pregnant. And no, she's not just fat because of her fluffy hair.See her fat tummy? :) She was cute.The first puppy, going by "Chocolate " as of right now, born this morning around 9:27. She weighed a total of 5.5 oz. :)A movie of Chocolate shortly after birth. I wasn't trying to get a good picture video, just sound, so please forgive the weird picture. :) Oh, when I took the video we didn't know she was a girl yet. :) (I am sorry if the movies takes a while to load it is a little bigger than I would like. But it is totally worth waiting for. :) )

Kida with first and second babies. First baby: Chocolate, a girl (the brown one). Second baby: a boy, born 9:53, weighing in at 3.5 oz., Wilbur as of right now (the cream one).All three puppies. The one eating is Chocolate the one that is white is Wilbur and the other one is Vanilla who was just born in the picture. Vanilla is a girl, born at 10:27 weighed 5.0 oz. Wilbur is the smallest one. :) Just little.Chocolate.All resting.Sisterly love. Chocolate has her paw on Wilbur. :) She loves him. :)Everybody resting again. All the puppies are dry.Vanilla and Chocolate. The girls.Wilbur. The boy.Wilbur again. :) He's so cute. He is so tiny compared to his sisters.Chocolate again.

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