Friday, March 28, 2008

Helping Dovetail

Actually, I wasn't really helping, I was really watching ... and taking pictures. ;) Popi said that big brother C needed help in the garage because he was using the router to make dovetails for the drawers.

Oh, in case I haven't mentioned it before, we're redoing our kitchen. :) Popi and big brother C decided they were going to make (yes make, all from scratch) our new cabinets, which includes shelves, drawers, doors, new flooring, etc., etc.. They are doing fantastic. In fact all of the units themselves are in. Some have doors, some do not. Some have shelves and some ... do not. ;) And some have drawers and some do not. So today big brother C, Katya and my new (and only so far) niece, Greta, came over to put some drawers together. Popi and Leah had to go to Leah's softball practice so Popi had to stop helping C and go help with softball. So, as I said before, Popi said C needed help. So little brother E and I went out to help. Although there wasn't much to do but hold the vacuum, which I did once, then E wanted to hold the vacuum. So I took pictures for all you peeps out there. ;) So here ya go.
My brother's big hand. ;) He's so strong!!! It's amazing!The "dovetailer". :) It hold the boards in place and then you take the router and follow the little grooves to cut the boards into dovetails. :) Amazing, I know. And yes, we have supported Rockler a few times. :)Sorry the whole world is tipping in this picture, I was holding the vacuum with my right hand, because I'm right handed and I was trying to take a picture with my left hand, not always a good idea. But this is the router making dovetails.It fits! That's the best part.Router bit. It's so neat looking.

Dovetail cuts.

Ready to be put together.

More cutting of the dovetails.

And ... even more cutting of dovetails.

I think it was around 50 today. It felt so nice out. The sun was shinning and it was beautiful!

Sometime I'll have to do a "before and after" post of the kitchen for all ya peeps.


Natalie said...! lol
I think woodworking tools are so neat, there's a tool for almost everything. It just looks like fun! And it's so neat and methodical...especially dove-tails, such a simple but effective method for joining the pieces for a drawer.

Okay, so that probably sounded a little strange coming from a girl! ;)

Ana said...

I know what you mean, there ARE tools for pretty much anything you can think of ... and even things you can't. ;)

And, no, I don't think it sounds strange coming from a girl. Since we are building all the cabinets in the garage it's kind of gone from a place to park the car to woodworking shop. And when we first started to buy all the tools I was so excited, almost as much as Dad and C. :) I wanted to know how it worked and I wanted to try it myself. And I did, on a couple of things. But since they're working on them in the garage it's kind of a family thing, you just jump up and help when you see a need, or when you're called. I really enjoy manual labor!

Thanks for the comment.