Wednesday, March 12, 2008

*~* Miss Jane Day *~*

I asked earlier in a post for help on my Miss Jane Days and as I have received some help I thought, as I said, that I should share it! The help I received was from Elizabeth from Twenty Three and Soaring. Thank you Elizabeth!

"What a fun idea - to ask your blog readers what their favourite Jane Austen quotes and scenes are! I'd love to participate (I'm sorry it's taken me so long to do so!) ...

So ... some of my favourite scenes are:

In 'Pride and Prejudice', when Elizabeth Bennet and Charlotte Lucas are discussing love and whether Jane Bennet should or should not let Mr Bingley know that she has feelings for him ...

In 'Emma,' when John and Isabella Knightly come to stay with Mr Woodhouse and Emma Woodhouse ... well, actually I like two scenes from this time! Firstly, the scene in which Emma is holding Isabella's baby and Emma and Mr Knightly are talking. Secondly, the scene in which everyone is at Randalls and it begins to snow and John Knightly comes in to break the news ... !

In 'Sense and Sensibility', when Colonel Brandon tells Elinor Dashwood about the living he wants to give Edward Ferrars, but Mrs Jennings thinks Colonel Brandon is asking Elinor to marry him. I just re-read 'Sense and Sensibility' and I LOVE this scene - it's so fun!

I'm afraid none of these scene are romantic, but ... I think they are ALL 'so sweet' or 'so fun'! I enjoy watching Jane Austen movies, but I enjoy reading Jane Austen books more. Jane Austen has such a lovely way with words! :-)"

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