Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Modesty Survey

I came across this survey a while ago and thought it VERY helpful!!! READ IT!!!! I have it linked on my side bar as well!!

TheRebelution.com: The Modesty Survey


Anonymous said...

Hey Anya!
Just thought I'd leave a note and say thanks for showing this site to me.
I like talking to my brother about these kinds of things, sometimes asking his opinion before buying clothes, but wow . . . really hearing from Christian brothers from all over was truly encouraging AND convicting. I could think of certain clothes in my closet that fit in with things the guys wrote about as definate "no-no's". Owch.
And yet, I had kind of already known when I wore them.
Double owch and shame on me ~
Thanks for sharing ~ I'm going to pass the word on this one!
Love ya, sister!
In Christ alone,

Ana said...

Hey, how fun to see your name on my comments!!! :) Hurrah for best friends who comment. :)
I'm glad you found this as helpful as I did!!! It certainly sheds different light on clothes when you hear it directly from the male side instead of the female.
Thanks again for your comment!!