Friday, March 07, 2008


***Warning ... Lots of lace pictures!!***






JennieBoo said...

Delicate lace like this reminds me of my grammy. She used to make lace by hand. She isn't able to anymore, but I've saved several of her creations in picture frames. Thank you for reminding me of her hand-made lovliness.

Happy Friday


Ashley Jene said...

I just love Lace, in fact when my husband (Jason Hartung) was pastor in Huron South Dakota, I started a little ladies charm class and we called it L.A.C.E.


I love lace!

Ana said...

That is so happy that your "Grammy" *smiles* was able to make wonderful lacy things and now you are able to save them and see the beauty! How fun!! Thank you for your comment!

Ashley Jene~
L.A.C.E.~ Ladies Adopting Christs Example! I love it!! What a wonderful way to connect something so wonderfully beautiful to our Christian walk with Christ! Thank you for sharing that!! Thank you, also, for the comment!

Robert said...

That's a lot of lovely lace items! Did you make some of them recently?

I did post a brief comment on your I'm Still Here! post a couple of days ago but it might of got lost somewhere.I was checking for any updates.I can understand when being busy can get in the way of blogging.

I did post another Jane quote.

Ana said...

Actually, I didn't make any of the items I took pictures of. I've never tried to make lace, maybe I should, I like it a lot! :)

I'm sorry I didn't receive the comment on the I'm Still Here post. I've never had that happen before.