Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Me, have a journal obsession? ... NAH!

Well, okay. So maybe I do. But I'm loving it!! :) I know, I know. That's not the attitude to have if I know I have a problem with buying too many journals/notebooks, and I do try to be careful how many I buy and I make sure that I will use it if I buy it. I think I have seven that don't have anything in them but only one that I don't know what I'm going to do with it. I do know what the other ones are going to be used for. I just have to fill some other ones first before I can start to write in them. So I do plan ahead and have ideas for the journals I buy. Sometimes I know right away what I'm going to do with them and sometimes I don't, but be assured, I will find some use for every journal I buy or receive. :) So without further explanation/excuses, here is my rather-large-but-oh-so-wonderful-borderline-obsession-journal-collection.

"... the blank pages of a beautiful journal are so mysterious and tantalizing! I can't wait to write on them and I'm afraid of writing on them at the same time - eager to record thoughts and feelings as beautiful as the journal and reluctant to risk marring the beauty of the cover and pages with unworthy thoughts and feelings. Sometimes I keep a beautiful BLANK journal for years, before deciding to use it for something lovely! :->"


Natalie said...

I like that green one with the black ribbon on it...it's pretty!

Charity Dawn said...

That's a neat obsession! I've never been dedicated at journals but always have admired those who are.

Ana said...

Yes, I like that one too. :) It has roses on the front of it. :) It's very vintage looking!

I wouldn't call myself dedicated at journaling because I don't always write in journals as some people do. Some of my journals are homemaking journals, some are quote journals, one or two are actually diary/journals, but most are just whatever I feel like putting in them journals. :)