Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Outdoor fun!

This morning Mom and I went plant shopping for stuff for the veggie garden and flowers just for pretty. :) Before we left I snapped these two pictures of the dew on the grass. Cool or what?! ;)

We got lots of stuff for the garden but also just fun stuff. One of the things I got was a new rose for my rose garden!! :) Yay!! Very excited for it to grow and bloom.
(Above left) getting ready to plant! (Above right) New rose label!

(Above left) My rose. (Above right) All planted. Now grow! :)

(Below) Lavender that I also put in my rose garden.


Katya said...

The up-close picture of the dew on the grass is so amazing! How wonderful that you were able to capture it that well. The droplets are so delicately poised. I am excited about the purple rose...I really hope that it grows well for you (can't wait to see what the blooms look like!). The lavender is so pretty...velvety soft and feathery.

Charity Dawn said...

Such beautiful pictures, Ana! Isn't it so fun to see all of the pretty blossoms and smell all of the wonderful fragrances. Mmm! The dew is very pretty too! Way to catch the sparkles in your picture! My camera would laugh at trying to do that.