Saturday, May 26, 2007

Backyard "camping"

On Thursday night, the 24th, little brother E was going to set up our new tent and sleep out side all night, which he did. He went out around 9:15pm and slept until 11:15pm, :) at which time my sister Leah and I decided we were going to sleep out there with him. Grabbing lots and lots of blankets and other necessities we headed out the door. Upon entering the tent and nearly falling through the door because of all the blanket E woke up. :) Wonder why, it wouldn't have anything to do with the rather loud giggling noises that Leah and I were making I'm sure. :) After laying out lots of blankets for cushion, then sleeping bags, then more blankets for warmth, Leah and I got settled around 11:30pm. But, what is a "camping trip" without late night giggling and crazy stories and laughing at the dumbest things because you're so tired? :) After calming down around 12:00am we laid there for a while before I had to run inside for ... umm ... never mind. :) While in the house I grabbed my camera and took a picture of the moon around 12:15pm. I'm not sure what time E and Leah fell asleep but I finally fell asleep around 1:00am or so only to be awakened by E and Leah squishing me in the middle of the night because they were cold so they scooted closer, and being in the middle, I was squished. :) But it was okay, because it was really cold that night. Shortly after we woke up later that morning Mom and Dad brought out muffins and black tea for "breakfast in bed." They are so sweet. It was a nice surprise to have them bring it out to us! :) It was a great night, even if it was short and unplanned. Here are some pictures!

(Left) The moon at 12:15am :) (Right) Kida slept outside with us too, but because it was cold she slept next to me in my sleeping bag. :)

(Below) The sun rising.
(Below) Hello Leah, wake up!!
(Below) Necessities. Lotion and lip gloss. :)
(Below) The bright morning sun!

(Left) Tea and muffins that mom and dad brought out. Yummy! (Right) Grass through the tent.

(Left) Our beds in the tent, E slept on the left, I slept in the middle and Leah was on the right. (Right) The tent.

(Below and bottom left and right) Dew on our tent sparkling in the sun.


Charity Dawn said...

Camping is so much fun!! It looks like you had a good time!

Katya said...

Such delightful camping pictures! I am glad you had that fun opportunity to try your tent out. The tea and muffins sound so yummy...the perfect breakfast-in-bed food. (Your mama's oatmeal date muffins are the BEST.) I look forward to trying camping in a tent sometime!