Thursday, May 03, 2007

A couple girl hours

This morning Leah and I went over to the new Wal-mart to look for new sandals. :) It was great fun. We sang and listened to music on the way over and on the way home. At Wal-mart I bought a shirt, but we couldn't find any sandals that we liked so we went to Target!! There we found really neat-o sandals that matched! Very cool. :) On the way home we listened to my new C.D. (bought at Wal-mart) and chowed down on "Fruit by the foot" (also bought at Wal-mart). It was just a GREAT morning. :)
(Left corner) My new, very cute shirt! Can't wait to wear it!

(Left) After buying our new sandals we chucked our shoes, socks, and sweaters in the back seat because it was hot and because we wanted to wear our new sandals. :) (Right) Music and pop on the way over and home.

(Left) Fruit by the foot. (Right) My new sandals.

(Left) Leah and me being "cool" with sunglasses!

(Below) My new sandals again! Cute!


Katya said...

What a fun sisterly outing! I can't wait to see your new shirt and sandals. I was looking at that shirt the other day and just loved it. I am glad you had such a fun day! Love, Katie

Charity Dawn said...

I really like the sandals! They are super cute! Christa, Charise, I used to do stuff like that all the time. It is so special to have friends right in your own family.