Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Handfulls of goodness

Before the rain yesterday mom and I went out to pick some flowers for bouquets. :) They are so sweet smelling and beautiful. I just had to share them!

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Katya said...

The flowers are SO beautiful. How wonderful it must be to be able to pick a bouquet of lilacs and bury your nose in them--inhaling their lovely fragrance! (I really must plant some this year:).) The tulips and bleeding hearts and all of the others are so lovely. It is so wonderful to finally be able to have flowers all around and to be able to pick and arrange them for the house. I was especially struck by the delicate beauty and perfect formation of the lily of the valley and grape hyacinth together. What lovely combination...what heavenly scent! Thank you for filling your blog corner with pictures of God's beautiful creation so we can come here and be fed, refreshed and made very grateful to our Lord for His blessings. Love you! See you soon, Katie