Friday, May 04, 2007

: : Birds and shopping : :

This morning on mom's bird feeder we had little boy goldfinches! They are such pretty birds. Bright yellow and oh so little. :) At one point we had three of them on the same feeder, but I didn't move fast enough to get those with the camera. But I did get these.

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For dinner we went out to celebrate Leah and E finishing school for the year! It was really fun. Then after dinner we headed to Wal-mart. I was going to buy myself a shirt that I had been eyeing for a while and one to go under it, but dad was so very generous and bought it for me! (He's so nice to me! Love you Daddy!) And he bought me an anklet. So in the past few days I have "refreshed" my closet and should be just fine for quite a while. I'm so excited!

(Left and bottom right) Leah being so silly in Wal-mart. I think that look so goes for you Leah. :) (Don't worry she didn't get either the hat or the sunglasses. Thankfully!) :)

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(Above) Lace on the bottom of my new shirt. (click to get a closer look) (Right) New shirts. And yes the white one goes UNDER the cream one. I wouldn't wear just spaghetti straps. That's scary! They ALWAYS go UNDER things. :)

(Left) My anklet. So pretty. The little stones change color in the light. (Right) New sandals and anklet. So much fun!


Katya said...

These are SUCH fun pictures! Family shopping trips are really enjoyable. I know I always enjoy hopping a ride to Mankato with you guys. ;) Your new shirt is SO lovely. Maybe I need to get a matching one?! And I love the anklet. Been thinking about the 'need' for one of those now that I wear sandals all the time. ;) It's a fun thing to get to bring some new pieces into your closet every once in a while!

Katya said...

Ok, even if it's silly, that picture of Leah in the hat is really cute!!