Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Garden planting

On the 9th Mom and I planted the gardens! Sorry it took me so long to post pictures. I've been a little busy. But here they are. Enjoy! I Did. :)

(Left) My feet in the dirt!! It felt so good. The sun made it warm. (Right) Basil seeds (I believe).

(Left) My foot prints. (Right) Sweet iced tea! Yummy!!!

(Left) Tomato plant.

(Right) Cantaloupe plant.

(Below) Cucumber! Yummy!
(Below) Kida trying to stay cool on the hot, sun-shiny day.(Below) The first garden we planted.

(Left) Second garden we planted. (Right) Third garden we planted! :)


Charity Dawn said...

Three gardens! Wow! Are they all your family's? My family was never very faithful at gardening, but when we did do it we liked having one.

Katya said...

Such lovely gardening pictures, Ana! Makes me want to start my vegetable garden. I love the picture of Kida watching the proceedings. :) Cutest little doggie. Must. Get. One. Too.

Ana said...

Yes Charity, all the gardens are for our family. :) I can't wait to start picking things. Most of the seeds that we planted are starting to pop up! Go seeds!