Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Fishing and toenails

This afternoon we went out to the lake to do some "first time this year" fishing! It was really fun to just sit and enjoy the sunshine and watch Leah, E, and C (a friend who came over for the day) fish. After fishing Leah had to head off to practice, so C and I painted our toe nails. :) It was a GREAT day!

(Above) E and C getting ready to fish.

(Left) E in DEEP concentration. :) (Right) C's first fish! Go C!!!

(Left) E fishing. (Right) C checking out the view, but just a hair to short, see her tiptoes. :)

(Left) Leah fishing. Waiting for fish! (Right) L's bobber.

(Left) My shadow. (Right) Sunshine on the water, obviously. :)

(Left) E's first,
and only, fish. (Right) Leah's first fish. Don't worry we threw it back in the lake when we were done measuring it, it was just fine.

(Left) Name on Leah's rod. See how it changes color in the sunlight? Very cool! (Right) It was so warm we had to shed the sweatshirts.

(Left) C didn't have any sandals so she wore mine and took them off when we got there. :) Silly girl. (Right) Hole in the dock that I thought looked neat.

(Left) Leah and my shadows. (Right) Anther view of the sweatshirts that were all but forgotten.

(Below) C, Leah and I all wore sandals today.

(Left) Picking just the right color. (Right) I painted C's fingernails for her too. :)

(Left) Before ... (Right) After.

(Below) All done!

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Katya said...

What fun to have a day of fishing, sparkly sunshine and toenail painting! I love it.