Thursday, April 03, 2008

'~*~' Thursday '~*~'

Mom is now up-to-dated and owns an MP3 player. But since all of her music is on records, we must transfer the records to the computer and then to the MP3 player. :)

Liquid yumminess!! Cappuccino!
While we (Leah and I) were copying the records I was checking out my decorating books and marking the ideas I liked ... there were a few. :) I marked them with the neat little sticky notes people gave me or that I bought.

This box was in our kitchen, the first thing that caught my eye was the sticker on the side of the box ... of course I had to see what was inside. :) Yup, the sticker was true.

My (our) dog Keda (the 'e' is long), out in the warm sunshine. She's so cute! Her nick name, given by me (and used only by me), is "Softie", 'cause she's so soft. And yes, she is wearing a coat because the mornings are still cold for her little body, especially with a new hair cut. :)

The sun on crystal
. It's so beautiful!I taught piano today, like almost every day. No, I didn't take pictures while I was teaching my kids. The hand is mine. ;)

Playing piano out of one of my new favorite piano books. I love this movie!!

Then after all that, while we still copy records (yes, even at this moment), I read.

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