Tuesday, April 08, 2008

So I ask you ... What would you use it for?

Shopping at our secondhand store the other day I found this beautiful little basket, and just had to get it, the only problem is now that I have it I don't know what to use it for! This is quite sad because I want to use it and not just put it away until I can think of something, so here's where you come in, all you wonderful peeps!! What would you use it for? Please tell me, I'm so in need of help, and also very excited to see what you come up with! So please, comment, comment, comment. :) I'll be waiting!


abigail said...

I'd keep it next to my bed and put my hand lotion, nail clippers, flashlight, etc. in it! :)

This is my first time to your blog, but I'll be back! BTW, I love all the old fashioned pictures on the sidebar! Particularly the one of the girl on the beach.

abigail said...

Clarification: My favorite is the girl on the beach that you use in your profile :)

Ana said...

Welcome and thank you for the comment! Please do come back. You're always welcome! Lotion! Of course! Perhaps I'll do that. ;)

I, too, love old fashioned pictures, as you can tell. ;)

Natalie said...

Hmm...that's a pretty box/basket!

As Abigail said, you could put lotion and stuff in it...you could put it in the bathroom and put body wash and rolled up washclothes and stuff like that in it, if you had room.

Fabric maybe...I can't really tell how big it is, so I'm not exactly sure what all you could fit in there.

If you wanted to use it for decor, it would look neat at Christmas time with a lot of colored ball ornaments in it...I'm not sure what you could put in it the rest of the year, decor-wise though! :)

Ana said...

Oh, I love your idea too!! Little rolled up washcloths and body wash, I guess I could put body wash, washcloths and lotion in it! Ooo, I'm loving the comments!

Kevin said...

I have a friend who keeps a collection of rocks. They are basic river rocks from a craft store; but she writes the names of loved ones on them with a sharpie marker and uses them as a prayer reminder... you could do that with this basket.

You could put small writing papers in it... or notes that you've received and want to keep as treasures...

okay, that's all I've got.
love you,
Aunt Emma

Ana said...

My Dearest Auntie Emma~
Your comment made my day! I've been thinking about you and praying for you!! Thank you so much for your comment, I loved it!

A prayer reminder or small writing papers or treasured notes holder are all wonderful ideas!! Thank you for your ideas. I loved them, too! :)

I love you so dearly Auntie Emma!!! ("Auntie" reminds me, now we are both aunties, just that you are a great (and very great indeed) auntie and I am just auntie!!)

Robert said...

The basket looks nice.You could use it for fabric or linen/sheets.

Have you heard of Bessie Gutmann? She was an artist who painted baby's and young children.Here is a link to a site that has several of her works.


I found a couple of her paintings in a thrift store.I thought you would like her stuff.

Ana said...

Linens would be cute, rolled up pillow cases! :) Fun.

No, I haven't heard of Bessie Gutmann. I'll have to check out the link, thank you.

Elizabeth said...

I'd definitely use it to keep letters in ... not any old letters, but special letters. I might even save it to keep very-extra-special letters in 'someday' ... ! :->

Ana said...

Ooo, yes, yes, "very-extra-special letters"!! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Ana,
Hi,you could use your basket to put yarn or sewing matarial or thread in it!

Your friend,

Ana said...

Thank you for your suggestion! I was so happy to get on and see your name on the comments!! Happy day! :)