Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring is here ... I think

Ahh, spring. The birds are singing, the grass is green, the flowers are growing, the trees are budding, the weather is slowly getting warming, the snow is falling ... wait, back up. The snow is falling? Yessirree peeps. The snow fell last night. Just when I thought it was getting warmer and I was really enjoying the rain. It rained most of the day yesterday (and the whole day before that) but as the temperature dropped last night the snow started to fall. Well, I guess that's what you learn to expect when you live in Minnesota. :)


Natalie said...

Oh my! It's fairly thick too. We didn't get a whole lot more than that all winter here! :D

It's really pretty, although a bit unexpected in the spring! :)

Ana said...

You didn't get much more than that all winter?! *Sighs* Our total snowfall was A LOT more than this! Oh, well, I don't mind the snow that much.