Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A spring look for my bed

Since spring is now upon us I thought I should decorate my room accordingly. I've been doing little things here and there just to give it a lighter, springier look rather then a cozy wintery look. :) Yesterday I did my bed. Popi bought me a new pillow for my bed, it was on sale! Hurrah for sales. And since I had a beautiful new pillow I thought I should make the rest of my bed look "new" or rather different.
See the new pillow? It's the little one with the purple "flower" on it. It's so beautiful. I was going to use a lighter purple pillow case for the purple one, :) but I couldn't find it, so we have dark purple. And see the box spring? It's covered. In the before picture, although you can't see it, the box spring is not covered and you could see it perfectly, so I just tucked a stray piece of fabric I found between the mattress and box spring and also between the box spring and the bed frame to keep it in place. I think it turned out great! I'm so happy with how it looks.

Also, this little basket holds the fabric I found in a box that will one day become a quilt, when I get around to it, until then, it graces my floor. I'm not going to use all the fabric on the same quilt, fear not, I know they don't all go together. :)

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