Thursday, April 17, 2008

The promised post!

See? A post. :) Amazing, I know. :)

It was so nice yesterday morning (and afternoon, although it got a little windy in the afternoon) that I decided to sit out on the front step and enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather. I love sitting outside and I love warm weather. It makes me very, very happy. :)
My blanket I was sitting on and books I was looking through.

Coffee!!!! Mmmmmm. :) And my constant companion.

The pen I was using is a gift from my little sister
Leah! It's purple and it
sparkles!!!! How great is that?! :)

One of the books I was looking through. Yes, it is a Jane Austen book. :)

The new tote bag Popi bought me so that I can beautifully tote things around.
It's very large and holds lots of things. I love it!

It was so warm that I just wrapped myself in one of my shawls and was warm enough.

Tulips! Need I say more?

The little stone/brick path we put in last year. It is rather short, very short in fact, but I love it!

Robins! Spring is here!!


abigail said...

I love nice pictures of nice things :)
I love the design on the coffee mug... but hold the coffee! Ugh, that stuff is awful! :D
Oh I like Robins. They're so goofy! ;)

Natalie said...

I love sitting outside when it's warm (as long as it's not too windy!) :)

I like that teacup, it's very pretty. And that pen is really sparkly!

Ana said...

The coffee mug was given to me by one of my piano students as a Christmas gift, but even if I had bought myself one I would pick one just like it. :) My kids know me well.

Awww, come on, coffee is good. ;) But sometimes my faithful friend holds tea as well. Only coffee in the mornings. :)

Yes, wind does put a damper on sitting outside. But sometimes, if it's just a little breeze then I love it!

abigail said...

Wind is great! From breeze to bluster, I must be out in it! But I admit that it's hard to read a book when it's windy :)

Your shawl is a great color. For some reason I'm getting the impression that you REALLY like purple. Not sure why I would think that but anyway... ;)

Ruth said...

What a lovely post ... and what a lovely time. It sounds perfect! :->

Ana said...

I like wind too, sometimes I guess. I like wind in the trees outside my window, I like wind if I'm standing there, or running or something that doesn't require things being pinned down. :)

And I have NO IDEA why you would think I like purple. :) My shawl is one that my mommy knitted for me! She's so nice to me!

Thank you for your kind words! It WAS a lovely time!

Elizabeth said...

*Giggle!* Well ... purple is a nice colour! Actually, Ana, I'd kind of noticed that yoy like purple too! But that's okay ... it's a nice colour! :->

Elizabeth said...

P.S. What book were you reading? Anything about Jabe Austen sounds good! Care to share?!? :-> *Hug!*

Ana said...

Is it THAT obvious that I like purple? :) Okay, so I know it is, but still. I really like purple. :)

Books I'm reading ... like novels? I'm reading, of course(!), Jane Austen(!!), Pride and Prejudice and loving it!!!!

Other books I'm reading ... the Journals of Jim Elliot, a biography of Elizabeth Prentiss, and of course my Bible: Psalms and Matthew.

What about you? What are you reading?

Robert said...

Sounds like a nice day! I've started reading Persuasion.At a thrift store yesterday I found My Dear Cassandra, selected letters of Jane Austen.Throughout the book there are sketches and watercolours.

All you need is a purple dress!

Last week at the same thrift store I found a framed picture of the Young Lady Reading that you have on your wall.

Ana said...

Have you ever read Persuasion before? If not, how do you like it? :) Jane Austen letters, oh, how I would love that!! I wish our thrift store carried wonderful books like that ... but alas, they do not.

I think I DO own a purple dress, and if not a dress then certainly a couple purple skirts. :)

Elizabeth said...

What am I reading?!? I'm reading the Bible ... I'm trying to read it from cover to cover in 90 days and I only have a little while left until Day 90, soooooo ... ! When I've finished reading my Bible (hopefully before Day 90), I think I'm going to read through the Anne of Green Gables books again. They're perfect to read during the spring ...

Ana said...

Yes, of course, I'm reading my Bible too. :) I did forget to mention that, I thought you meant novels and such. :)

I have never read the Anne of Green Gables books. I'd love to though, I love the movies.

abigail said...

Oo, you must read the Anne of Green Gables books!! They're are so good, and funny!

Ana said...

I know, I MUST read the Anne of Green Gables books. I take it you've read them? :) Happy thought indeed! :)