Saturday, April 26, 2008

The disadvantages of being an older sister

It all started out with the innocent game of "Egyptian Rat Killer" (I haven't the slightest idea why it is called that) my little bro and I were playing. In the game, if the cards are alike you slap them. As this was near the first time Ethan had ever payed it, I was quicker at slapping things then he was. So he warned, as he made a fist with his right hand, "You'd better watch out." I should have listened. A few minutes later my fingers were throbbing and tingling after he pulled his fist away, but hey, I got the slap, so I got the cards. Wahoo!

I creamed him, of course, in the game. So what does he do? Playfully he picks up a bag clip. Yes, the ones with the "jaws" to hold the bag closed, and then he chucks it at me. Shocked, I picked it up and playfully threw it back, right before it came flying back at me.

I held onto it this time, so he searched for another weapon. What does he choose? The deck of cards. I was lying on my back, covered with a blanket to help fight off the chill of the house and recovering from the recent attack of the bag clip, when 52 cards came flying at my face.

Needless to say, Ethan left the room (rather rapidly, his excuse, he had to use the bathroom. *Rolls eyes* Riiiiiight.) as I picked up the cards.

After picking them up, I shuffled into the kitchen to refill my tea cup. I had just picked up the tea pot, with hot water in it, when Ethan comes running into the kitchen with the blanket I had abandoned in the living room, yelling something about the attack of some vicious sounding blanket. I was then pulverized, tea pot still in hand.

Amazingly I didn't even spill, though I was being rammed into by killer boy and sidekick blanket.

Setting the pot down I managed to free myself, then *Ahem* ran him over, all in self defense, mind you. :) He backed off.

At this point I realized our dog was outside and wanted in, so I walked over to the door to let her in. Just as I was about to close the door a half eaten baby carrot was flung my way, quickly followed by a whole one.

Not wanting to be "carroted" I retreated to my bedroom.

Moments later the door opened and Ethan appeared, armed with ping-pong paddles (I kid you not). :)

He tried to give me a pair, of course I refused and told him to put them away and go find somewhere else to play. He then proceeded to squish his cheeks with his set of paddles repeating over and over (yes I know that's redundant.) "I'm a scared boy." (He told me later he had said that because he was pretending I was angry and that he should be scared.) I, however, thought he was saying, "I'm a scary boy," (which I thought fit better with what was going on) to which I would have replied, "Quite".

He left and so did the paddles shortly after that, thankfully, only to return a few seconds later with a pillow on his head. He was holding it down on the edges so it covered his ears, almost like a bonnet, but not quite.

I rolled my eyes and turned my back to him because I was working on something at my desk. But soon I turned back around to see why he was making gorilla noises.

What met my eye was him, still making gorilla noises, dancing, yes dancing, with the pillow as he watched himself in my floor length mirror.

After repeatedly telling him to leave my room, and having him not leave, I thought of the only place where he could not get to me ... yes the bathroom. :)

Sitting on the bathroom floor, I waited until I knew it would be safe.

I was laughing my head off the whole time, (from the very first time he chucked the bag clip at me) which of course encouraged him. At least I was not mortally wounded.

It sounds, perhaps, slightly violent, but please know he was playing the whole time, as was I. :) I'm sure if any of you have younger, sometimes crazy brothers, or any siblings, know all about this type of thing.


Natalie said...

Ha-ha! That was hilarious! Yep, sounds very familiar! :p How old is Ethan? (I like that name btw.)

Oh, I like that card game! It's really simple, but it's fun to do...especially with a bunch of people. Have you ever heard of Dutch blitz? Also a very fun card game.

Ana said...

Ethan is 12. :) Never would have guessed that would you? Actually, he's not always crazy and weird like this ... just mostly. :)

Yeah, it's a very easy game to play. I love Dutch Blizt! We have two sets so we can have more people play. :) It's fun!

Natalie said...

12? Um, no I wouldn't have guessed that! lol Hmm...I thought my brother would outgrow his craziness, but if someone twice his age is still annoying their sister... :D

Yeah, I had one set of Dutch Blitz cards, and I ended up getting two more, so lots of people can play...I LOVE that game! Whenever my cousins visit we usually end up staying up late playing DB!

Ana said...

I don't think guys grow out of the silliness. Or at least not some. My older brother is still pretty crazy sometimes. :)

Sarah said...

We play a card game like that, but we call it Egyptian Rummy. Try playing that game with two brothers and your dad. After a while you learn that to continue slapping would be hazardous to your hands. And both my brothers were older than 12 too!

I love Dutch Blitz! It is a really fun but it can get very confusing if you play with too many decks. We played it with some friends (using two decks) and there were so many piles it made my head hurt!

Ana said...

Hello and welcome to my small corner of the vast internet! Thank you for the comment!

Egyptian Rummy ... that sounds slightly familiar is it much the same as Egyptian Rat Killer?

I know! Dutch Blitz with the NORMAL amount of decks sometimes makes my head hurt. :)

Natalie said...

Yeah, you get too many piles going in Dutch Blitz and people start trying to fling the cards into the far piles and it gets pretty crazy! :)

Ana said...

Yeah, I know. Cards start flying everywhere and you really have no idea how many piles are really going so you have to pause and re-stack the piles so you know what's going on. :)

abigail said...

We call it Egyptian Rapscrew! Don't ask where that name came from, the person who taught us said it was called that! Apparently that game has more than it's fair share of names :)

Ana said...

Yes, I'd have to say, that game has so many names it probably doesn't even know what it is. :)