Saturday, April 26, 2008

The snow is gone already!

Wow, three posts in one day, you lucky peeps you. :)

I walked upstairs, not moments ago :) and looked out the window and look what I saw:I know, 'tis amazing! :) Actually, I knew it would be gone within a day or so, but I was rather surprised that it happened in a matter of hours. That's the nice thing about snow in Minnesota in the spring, it doesn't stay around long. :) So umm ... this random post was just to let you all know that amazing tidbit about what happened in the last 10 minutes. :) Sorry, I'm just weird like that.


Natalie said...

Oh wow...from snow to spring, just like that!

Ana said...

Yup, just like that. It's very nice not to have snow that stays around forever in the spring time.

Robert said...

Interesting weather! Reminds me Calgary,Alberta-they get spring snow and cold one day and hot the next.

Nice hat.Also be good on a hot day.

Persuasion is the first Jane Austen novel I've read.I'm enjoying it.There's more background about Anne and Wentworth.Also more of Anne's thoughts and Charaters like Charles Hayter who wasn't in the movies.

What did you think of the BBC Emma?

Ana said...

Yes, weather here is very interesting. :)

Yes, my hat would be good to shade ones face from the hot sun rays.

Persuasion was the second Jane Austen book I read, Sense and Sensibility was the first one, but since I was just getting into how she wrote I didn't get it all, like I did with Persuasion. Yes, there is so much more in the books then in the movies. There are just things that you write that can't be expressed in acting.

The BBC Emma was okay. Somethings I like better about it, but I like the 1996 version with Gwyneth Paltrow better.

abigail said...

I like the Gwyneth Paltrow one better too. In the BBC one, Mr. Knightly looks TOO ancient!

Ana said...

My sister watched all of the Jane Austen movies with me and when we came to Emma she and I thought the same thing as you. :) That's funny.

Natalie said...

Well, actually in the book it says Mr. Knightly is 37 or 38! So I guess he was a whole lot older than Emma!
Sorry, I'd have to say I like the BBC one best...although there are odd things about all three of the Emma movies! :)

Ana said...

I've never read Emma, it's on my list, I just haven't gotten there yet. So I guess if he's almost 40 then he would be older. :)

Silly Natalie, don't be sorry, different people like different things. The BBC movie was good, I just have a different idea of my perfect Emma. :) 'Sall good!!