Thursday, February 14, 2008

More very good links!


Robert said...

I wanted to let you know that I did the tag.

I've read some of your series and enjoyed it.I will finish it and let you know about the '95 Persuasion this weekend.

Ana said...

Thank you for letting me know about the tag. I'll go check it out as soon as I'm done with this comment. :)

I'll be waiting to see what you though of the 1995 Persuasion! Thank you.

Robert said...

I have the '95 Persuasion and I really like it.I like this Anne and Wentworth though others don't care for the actor who play's him.The story also flows better in this version.Also,for the key scene of Anne and Harwick discussing whether male or female loves longest,this film follows the book whereas the new version changes the location and the point is lost.I also enjoyed the scenery and costumes.It's a film I would recommend.

Which Jane Austen films have you seen or own?

Over at the YLCF a reader mentioned the Romance Lovers link under the Potpourri section.If you scroll down there's a Valentine for you poem that was written by Gretchen a few years ago.It's something that would go with the series you wrote.I just saw it the other day.

Ana said...

I also liked the way the '95 version took the time to follow the book more. Although I liked the way the '07 version was filmed and I liked the characters better. But I loved the part in the '95 version with the letter that Wentworth wrote, just as the book said.
I have seen all the Jane Austen films that have been on T.V. thus far. I am not watching Pride and Prejudice because I own that one and I can watch it when ever I want to and I have been finding other things to do on Sunday evenings.

I'm very excited about Sense and Sensibility and Emma though! Have you been watching them all as well?

Thank you for the tip about the link to the poem. I did read it and I thought it was very good.

Thank you for the comment! I always enjoy what other people think of various Austen movies!