Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Single for Valentines Day?: Part 2 ~You're Being Watched!~

You run a hand over your hair one last time to make sure nothing is going haywire and give a small smile when everything that meets your hands is just as it should be.

A short, round lady skitters up to you, armed and ready. With a few puffs of her make-up brush your face is once again covered almost beyond recognition, but you don't care, you're only thought is air!

Gasping for air the powder that hangs in the air around your face nearly chokes you. Soon the call is heard.

"Lights ..."

The lights dim and a spot light turns on, illuminating your form.

"Camera ..."

A thumbs up from the camera man makes your mind scramble for your line.


You freeze. All your lines just vanished from your mind.

You look desperately around. "Cut," you give a wave of your hand, "Cut!"

"Sorry, no can do," the voice of the stocky fellow behind the camera reaches your ear, slightly muffled.


Now, if you were really an actress and that happened to you, you would probably find some way to stop the camera and either cut that scene out or just start over from the beginning. But think of your life as being filmed. If you mess up in life, there's no, "Cut, I didn't say that right," or "Cut, my attitude was way off, can we try that again?"

What happens in your life is done, you can't change what happened. But there's hope! You can change what will happen; how you will act, speak, respond, think, etc..

People are watching, the cameras are rolling. What are they seeing? Anger at God for being single? An, "I don't know what God is doing and I don't care," attitude. An, "I don't need a man, I'm fine by myself," or maybe it's the other extreme ... "I'm so lonely, no body loves me," or "I'm never going to get married, I'm going to die alone," or "Doesn't any body care?"

Now perhaps those aren't the exact words, but what about the attitude?

People are watching you, unsaved and saved, young and old, friends and family. What are you showing them this Valentines Day ... or any day!

Are you showing how much you love your family, how much joy it gives you to think of others and not about how lonely you are? What happiness you get from serving and not lying around wishing you had a man?

And what example are you being to your sisters in Christ? Whether it's someone a lot older, someone just slightly older, someone your age, someone slightly younger, or someone a lot younger.

Especially for the younger (early teens and younger) girls, we, as older, single girls, need to set the example of what a single Christian girl is suppose to think about, talk about and how to act. As the little girls are just starting to figure this all out, don't give them the view of a sulking, hardhearted, angry at God single woman.

From my last post ... Choose to be happy, choose to show Christ, choose to be the right example!

Another thing we need to remember is that our attitude affects others. If we are lying around sulking, or if we're angry at God, not only will others see it, but it will affect every one around you! The way you, me, we (!) respond to singleness does, indeed, affect every one around you!

Be the right, Godly, example of a single Christian woman for all to see and watch, because they are watching!

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