Monday, February 18, 2008

New Book

I just finished (literally just, I just closed it and put it down) finished Mansfield Park. I loved it!! Just as much as Persuasion. Not more and not less, just differently, but I loved it! My heart was stolen by little Fanny Price the first moment she was mentioned in the book. I grew and learned with her, I loved with her (I myself was quite attached to Edmund :) ), I cried with her, my heart broke with her, my joy overflowed with her and my heart was happy with her! I really recommend this book to all who are in need of a good book to read.

I watched the Masterpiece Theatre version of Mansfield Park and although I utterly enjoyed the movie, and believe I still will when I watch it again, the book was so much different the their movie!

My next endeavor shall be Pride and Prejudice. I have watched different movie versions of it, so I know what will happen, but I can't wait to see how Miss Jane really wanted it to be!


Elizabeth said...

'Mansfield Park' is so sweet, isn't it?!? :-> I read it soooooo many times when I was a teenager. Fanny was my favourite Jane Austen heroine and Edmund was my favourite Jane Austen hero. It's a special book, I think!

Ana said...

I've read three of Miss Jane's books (I'm on my forth) and each time I think, "There will never be a character to top my favorite in this book," and without fail, there always is! :) I loved Fanny and Edmund!

nsowers said...

Hi Ana,

I did enjoy "Mansfield Park" although I was a little mad at Edmund throughout the book. Mainly because I felt as if I was forever waiting for him to finally "notice" Fanny with something more than sisterly affection. And that Crawford lady was quite the villian in my eyes. :)
I am next going to read "The Mysteries of Udolpho" in preparation for reading "Northanger Abbey". I can't wait!

Ana said...

"nsowers"~ *Giggles*
It was so great to see your "name" on my comments list! Thanks for stopping by.

Yes, I must admit, I, too, was rather frustrated with Edmund in Mansfield Park. I mean, obviously Fanny loved him. Oh well, it turns out alright in the end.

Ooo, your books sound very mysterious (although Northanger Abbey isn't a mystery as mysteries go, but there's some guess work involved).

Thank you again for your comment!! See you Sunday Lord willing!

Robert said...

I liked the Fanny character though she's the one people either love or hate.Fanny/Edmund reminded me of Molly/Roger from Wives and Daughters.They both took a while to realize who they really loved while they were beguiled by Mary/Cynthia.People also complain that Fanny is "Too good" though I don't think that is a negative.

I saw the new Mansfield Park but I didn't care for it.They left too much of the story out and I can't picture Fanny as a blonde! Have you seen the BBC Mansfield Park from 1983? It was one of the first Jane Austen films I saw.I enjoyed it and at 5 hours it can show more of the book.

Ana said...

Yes, I agree, a few of the characters from Mansfield Park are a lot like the characters of Wives and Daughters. How neat! I love that movie too!!

I really liked the Mansfield Park movie, but I suppose that it is because I hadn't read the book or seen any other versions when I first watched it. That's the only one I've see and although they left out a lot of the book in the movie, I still really like it! But not ever one has to. :)