Wednesday, February 06, 2008

"Products" of the shopping trip

One of my piano students is at the end of their books so I needed to run to the music store to buy them new books. And while there I decided to run to Wal-mart. At Wal-mart I picked up a few things ...

The Candy:
Skittles are for E ... Tart Sweethearts for Leah ... Chocolates for Mama ... Original Sweethearts for me (I wait all year for the Sweethearts!). I didn't get anything for Popi because he doesn't like candy and if he really needs something sweet he can just have some of our candies! :)

The Pattern/Craft/Project Binder:
I thought I should buy myself a little binder to put all of my crocheting patterns in, so I don't lose them. Look at the little, round elephant on the binder!! He's part of the reason I bought it. :)

The Lotion!!!!:
I love wonderful smelling lotion and the only lotion I had left in my lotion basket was from Bath and Body Works and that is too wonderful and too expensive to use every day. :) Yes, I'm weird. So I bought some cheaper stuff to use just whenever.


Charity Dawn said...

I totally understand with the lotion thing! Some things like that are for special occassions or for times that you wish were more special and your special lotion makes them special... or something.

Ana said...

YES!!! That's just the way I feel!! You said it exactly right! :) I'm glad I'm not alone in my wanting "special" lotion and "every day" lotion. ;)

Natalie said...

Oh, that elephant is so cute! :)

I have that same problem with lotion, I have a hard enough time finding something that's not too strongly scented for me, and then I have to remind myself to to use it instead of saving it! :D

Ana said...

How nice of you to stop by and leave me a comment! Thank you.

I know what you mean about making yourself use the lotion that you worked so hard to find, rather then just looking at it thinking it's so beautiful. :)

I have a hard time finding lotions that I like the smell of as well, especially ones that aren't expesive. :)

At least we know we can brave the lotion "battle" together. :) It's nice to know that there are others out there with the same "problems" as myself. :) Of course I mean that in the best way ... not that I'm glad you have problems. ;)

Elizabeth said...

I adore the elephant ... so cute! :->

I'm with you on the lotion ...

Ana said...

Your comments make me giggle! Thanks for being so faithful in reading and commenting on my blog!