Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Single for Valentines Day?: Part 3 ~Surrender~

Surrender, does that word make you cringe? Or maybe roll your eyes, or maybe it makes you want to skip this post and find something a little more agreeable.

To be honest, who could blame you? Surrender, like give up? Like being vulnerable, like defenseless? In a sense ... yes!

But maybe we should ask, first, why do words like vulnerable and defenseless give us such a scare? If we are trusting God, if we've put our lives in His hands, isn't He capable of defending us if the need should arise? Why do we feel like we must defend ourselves, or not be vulnerable? God will take care of us, no matter what comes our way.

Surrender your single life, your hopes, your dreams, your passions, your desires, yourself to God and placing all in His able hands.

Maybe the thought, "And why would we do this?" is running through your head or maybe, "Been there, done that, it doesn't work."

Well, if so, then here we go. First: "And why would we do this?"

Why surrender, to be completely and utterly happy and at peace. To be tried, purified, to become the young woman God wants us to be. Surrendering our lives to God sometimes (most of the time) involves waiting and as young women who want to be married, that "wait" word scares us. But in that time of waiting, surrendering and being willing to wait, is part of how God shapes us and makes us into who He wants us to be. And in surrendering we learn to trust, not just in waiting for Mr. Right, but also for other things. Maybe after we're married we want children and God says we must wait, but we've learned from waiting for our husbands that God's way is always right and His time is perfect, never late, and never early.

How can you be happy by surrendering? Think of all the worry you could be rid of. Without waking up each morning thinking, "Another day alone? How will I get through it?" or, "Another day wondering where my prince is and wondering when he's going to ride into my view." And thus having your mind rid of worrying, your attitude will improve and you will be more pleasant to be around, and when people see that you're not sad and lonely on Valentines Day and they ask you why, you can say, "I surrendered my all to Christ, and I'm content to wait for His time in His way!" What joy that will bring to our hearts if we truly believe it!

When you surrender your life to God you are saying, "Lord, I need You, I can't do this. I trust You to do what You will in my life and I won't try to make things work out the way I want. I trust Your way is best, after all, you planned everything (even waiting for Mr. Right) and You're in control of everything (even bringing a man) You know what's going to happen, so why shouldn't I give You my life and just trust?"

And: "Been there, done that, it doesn't work."

First off I'd say if that's what you think, then maybe you didn't truly surrender. Once you've truly surrendered and let go (!), trusting God to work His perfect plan in our lives and His time, we will be happy and content.

If you've surrendered and you're still worried and discontent I urge you to rethink your surrendering!

Also, remember, we don't just do it once and then we're happily content to wait for Mr. Right for the rest of our lives. It must be a day by day thing and sometimes a moment by moment thing. And when you just can't surrender, tell Him! When the doubt creeps in and causes you to rethink trusting God, tell Him!

It's not a sin to have doubt creep in, it's a sin to believe it and act upon it because "Whatever is not of faith is sin."

So when you feel that you're starting to slip and question, call out, God will hear you and He will respond, if you're willing, and He will give you the strength to surrender and trust again.

This last part is a few of my own experiences I've put together and put in the form of a "conversation" between myself and God.

Me: Lord, I give you my life.
God: You won't be disappointed.
M: Yes, I know ... but what if You take a long time to bring me the man of my dreams, don't You think I should just do it myself? After all, I know what I'm looking for.
G: No.
M: But what if I let go and You bring someone that I think is ugly and someone I can't stand.
G: I work everything out for your good if you love and trust Me. My way and timing are perfect, it can't be wrong.
M: Lord, there is a man, he's asked about me and is interested in maybe courting, should I say yes and consider courting him? I don't know if I like him like that.
G: Don't do it.
M: But what if I say no and I lose my chance and never have a guy in my life?
G: Do you trust me?
M: Yes ... but ...
G: Am I not good?
M: Yes but ...
G: Do you trust me?
M: Yes! Lord I give You my life, my dreams, my worries, my passions, my desires, my all!
G: Surrender all to Me, moment by moment! You won't be disappointed.

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