Thursday, February 21, 2008

*~* Miss Jane Day *~*

The morning hours of the Cottage were always later than those of the other house; and on the morrow the difference was so great, that Mary and Anne were not more than beginning breakfast when Charles came in to say that they were just setting off, that he was come for his dogs, that his sisters were following with Captain Wentworth, his sisters meaning to visit Mary and the child, and Captain Wentworth proposing also to wait on her for a few minutes, if not inconvenient; and though Charles had answered for the child's being in no such state as could make it inconvenient, Captain Wentworth would not be satisfied without his running on to give notice.

Mary, very much gratified by this attention, was delighted to receive him; while a thousand feelings rushed on Anne, of which this was the most consoling, that it would soon be over. And it was soon over. In two minutes after Charles' preparation, the others appeared; they were in the drawing-room. Her eye half met Captain Wentworth's; a bow, a curtsy passed; she heard his voice -- he talked to Mary, said all that was right; said something to the Miss Musgroves, enough to mark an easy footing: the room seemed full -- full of persons and voices -- but a few minutes ended it. Charles shewed himself at the window, all was ready, their visitor had bowed and was gone; the Miss Musgroves were gone too, suddenly resolving to walk to the end of the village with the sportsman: the room was cleared, and Anne might finish her breakfast as she could.

"It is over! it is over!" she repeated to herself again, and again, in nervous gratitude. "The worst is over!"

Mary talked, but she could not attend. She had seen him. They had met. They had been once more in the same room!


Laura H. said...

I just found your blog, and like it alot. Just wanted to say, that it is nice to find a blog that is friendly and sweet.

I am a Jane Austen Fan, and like all of her stories and movies. And I like Anne of Green Gables, Wives and Daugthers, The Inheritance, etc.

I have many blogs, but I thought I would just give you the links to two of them. or

In Christ,
Laura H.

Ana said...

Thank you for your comment and links to your blogs! I'll swing over and check them out!

Robert said...

That's a good ideal to have a Jane Austen quote/scene a week! I would like to do one too.You could set up a auto-link so other people could join in by leaving their name.I have seen people use that and make a graphic to go with it.I could show you what it looks like.I don't know too much about how they work.

Ana said...

Yes, I should let other people help me with my quotes. But I do not know how to do what you've suggested. I'll have to think it over and see what I come up with! :) Thanks for the suggestion!

Robert said...

I found a site where you get the auto-link from.I will check it out and let you know if I can get it to work.

I plan on posting a Jane quote on Thursday.

I've been taping the new Jane Austen movies.I liked Northanger Abbey-It was the only one I hadn't seen a version of.I liked the characters of Catherine and Henry.I also enjoyed Miss Austen Regrets as I don't know too much about her personal life.

How are the pups doing?

Ana said...

How kind of you to do the research. :) You don't have to do that, I can just look for myself (I'm just *AHEM* too lazy to.) :)

I look forward to your post on Thursday. I'm still going to get one posted this week. I just haven't really had the time.

I didn't like Northanger Abbey as much as the other ones, but I suppose if I had actually been sitting and watching it I might have known what was going on, but as it was, the phone was ringing off the hook and I didn't really get to see it. :) But I did tape it, as I have been doing with all of them, so I'll be able to watch it again. I enjoyed Miss Austen Regrets too! I don't know a lot about her either, but I really, really enjoyed the movie!

The puppies are gone. One died, (if you didn't see the post from a while ago) one we gave to the man who had the "Daddy" dog and one we sold. But we're hopping to have more around here sometime! It was so much fun to have the little puppies!