Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday fun!

My sister, Leah, and I spent most of the day with really good friend N and her sweet children P, E and L!!! These are rather random pictures, but I thought they were cute and might show you what my great day was like! Thanks N for a great day!!!

(Above) P wanted a balloon from Happy Joe's!

<--- Yummy Dr. Pepper!!! --->

(Left) Pretty teacup paper!

(Right) A picture P drew for my sister, who gave it to me. :)

(Below) P's adorable little glasses!!

-- Playing card games!

(Below) Having way too much caffeine!! Wheeeee!!!!

<--- Someone's sippy cup!

(Left) E putting socks on adorable little
(Right) E's little tiny foot!!!!

(Below) L's little hand!!

(Below) L's cute tiny ear!!!

<--- L's little tininess!!!!! Ahhhh, way cuteness!!!!


Leah said...

Hey! Yea that was soo much fun! And I love the pictures!

N Sowers said...

The pics look soooo cute! I like the kids pics (of course) but I also like the Dr. Pepper! Sooo yummy! I had a blast yesterday! Thanks again for coming over!

Love, N

Katya said...

What fun pictures! Thank you for sharing the babies' adorable cuteness. Looks like you had a really nice time!