Monday, February 12, 2007

Quilting and things from my day

I've been wanting to make a quilt for a long time. (I've made other blankets and things with yarn, but not with cotton fabric.) So I asked my wonderful Sister-in-law, Katie, to help me, which she did tremendously! Thank you Katie!!! And here are some pictures of what I'm doing.

<--- Cutting long strips of fabric into five inch squares. Lots and lots of cutting, thankfully my sis (in-law) was able to help me cut most of it today!

<--- Stack of blue squares. When I'm done cutting the purple squares there should be about the same amount. Lots and lots of squares!

<--- Squares together. In the picture they don't really look good together, but they really do. Perhaps it's bad lighting or something in the picture.

<--- Way neat-o tea pot I bought at the secondhand
store today. It's the best!!!! Isn't it cute? I think of little house on the prairie, or some old log cabin and the mother of cute little kids cooking over a big black cook stove and making herself some tea or coffee!

<--- Another really cool tea pot with iced tea in it. :) Yummy!!!

<--- Book I'm reading, the movie was way good, but I wanted to read the book, just to make sure. ;)

<--- Really soft and warm blanket I also bought at the secondhand store! I also turn it into a shawl. :) It's just the right size!

<--- The little fringes on my warm blanket. Aren't they pretty!!?? :)


Katya said...

It was so nice to be at your house yesterday, Ana! (Very Cozy) I had such a fun time cutting on that lovely fabric. Making quilts is so much fun! Hopefully I can come back soon and help you with some more of it. :) And, as you know, I am inspired to make one for we will have to plan another quilt-square-cutting-out-party! Luv u

Ashleigh said...

Have fun reading Sense and Sensibility! One of my all time favorites. The book is ever so much better than the movie--it also has an entire extra chapter regarding "the Willoughby situation" that the movie totally skips. I thought it really completed the story better. But I still love the movie... ah, I think I shall have to watch it again.

Can't wait to see your quilt when it's done! Tell Katie hello! :)

Emma Barnhart said...

Hi Ana, I'm Katie's Aunt Emma in Kiev, Ukraine. You girls have got me hooked on blogging, and I love reading yours as well as hers. Keep up the good work! I'll be excited to see the quilt in progress!! (
Blessings and greetings to all!!