Sunday, February 04, 2007

Keep your heart

I had a wonderful time of fellowship and worship today in church! It was amazing! And while at church, during one of the teaching sessions, I was reminded of a song that has been so dear to me, such an encouragement, but also a challenge, and I wanted to share it with you! May it be as much of an encouragement and challenge to you as it was to me and as a result, draw you closer to Christ, to the prize!

Keep Your Heart

1)Now on this mountaintop we have gleaned so many things.
We've been drawn closer to His heart, a place that trial brings.
We have seen vict'ry over sin, and witnessed answered prayer.
We have known Christ be our only strength, found His word a jewel rare.

c)Keep your heart, keep your heart, keep your heart with all diligence.
Keep it clean, keep it pure, make your love for Christ endure.
Guard your ears; guard your eyes; Pressing onward to the prize.
Lest you fall, lest you fail, Make your love for Christ prevail.

2)Now from this mountaintop to your valley here below,
You have all of the armory to defeat that wicked foe.
The vict'ry is at your command, Your prayers he'll answer still.
Be the guardian of your only heart, Heed this Word, His perfect will.

~Mac Lynch

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Anonymous said...

wonderful song! can't seem to find the instrumental. would love to share it in church...